Hoop + Silk Workshop

Yesterday we were joined by the lovely Jen Ashton for an aerial skills workshop. The children were split into three groups and taught skills using the Hoop and Silks. We were amazed at just how much these students could do on their very first lesson, some of them as young as 6 years old.

Its great to see these students using their dance skills in different ways, aerial work takes such a lot of strength (as does dance) and the kids sure proved that they have plenty of that. Holding themselves with just one arm, or holding their whole body weight in a handstand in mid air – I was well and truly impressed and proud of our students.

Our seniors girls were taught more of a routine on the hoop, linking together the different moves they had been taught and using the appropriate mounts and dismounts. Many of our older students wish to go into a career in dance and having extra skills, such as aerial hoop, makes them more employable and widens the jobs available to them.

I’m sure many of our younger students will follow in their footsteps and so its great they are learning this skill so young.

The feedback from the kids was great on the day, they couldn’t wait to show their parents pictures and videos of what they had learned, many already asking when the next session will be.

Safe to say, we will most definitely be inviting Jen back to teach us more.

Check out some of your videos and photos from the day below;

hoop video

hoop video 2

hoop 3