About us

About Centre Stage

Centre Stage School of Dance was first established in 2000, being built from the ground up by Principal Lindsey Hamm. It was later taken over by former student and professional dancer Laura Halley, in 2011 and has become the dance company you see today.

Centre Stage is a dance company like no other, we believe in creating all round performers, with classes focused on what is relevant for the industry TODAY. The performance industry is so creative and is constantly evolving, so we believe our classes should reflect this too.

Our students are able to thrive in an encouraging environment, with a room of like-minded class mates. We keep our class numbers small so each student can get the maximum from their teacher, with personal feedback and room to move fully and confidently. This way we are able to tailor lesson plans for the need of the dancer and not the masses.

Performing arts is much more than just getting up on stage, it is instilling confidence and self belief in the student, self discipline and team work. It promotes a healthy life style for the student, both mentally and physically, and gives them an outlet for their creativity and emotions. Whatever career path you may chose to take, whether that be in the arts or anything else, these life skills are essential in any field. And you will create memories you will cherish for a life time.