Advanced Training Programme

Advanced Training Programme

For the dancer who doesn’t just like to dance, they LIVE to dance.

This programme will encourage and push you through your performing journey, giving you the skills required to progress into further training should you wish to.

Follow you dreams and be the performer you’ve always wanted to be, don’t limit yourself, join the team today.

Level 1

This is the first step into our Advance Training program and is offered to those dancers who show passion, dedication and potential.

These students take their development team classes as well as more advance classes with the team,  helping them to transition smoothly and comfortably into the advanced programme.

Students are expected to train in ballet, tap, jazz, street dance, singing, drama, and conditioning, with acro being encouraged too. They are not expected to be experienced in every genre listed, just an eagerness to try and learn.



The students at this level have a good all round experience and understanding of the arts, with a strong base technique and performance ability. Full commitment and dedication is expected.

As with any training programme, students are pushed to meet their goals here and challenged to keep improving in their classes. At this level, the student now only takes the advanced classes within the programme.

This level take class in ballet, tap, jazz, commercial, contemporary, conditioning, singing, drama and acro.


This is the final step in our program, by this stage dancers have a very clear understanding of the arts, with strong ability all round, and great knowledge and experience in all dance styles, singing and drama.

Here, many of our students are looking to audition for performing arts college in which we help to give them all they require to do achieve this.

Our aim for this level is to produce highly able young dancers and performers, confident in their skills, who are well prepared to continue their training in further education for a career in the industry.

Of course, you do not have to desire to work in the performing arts industry to be on this course, many skills learnt within our programme can transfer into any walk of life, some students take part as they enjoy the discipline, exercise and extra push, whilst training with their peers.

Classes are taken to a high level in ballet, tap, jazz, commercial, contemporary, conditioning, singing, drama and acro.




The advanced programme runs Monday-Thursday, with private 1-2-1 lessons be offered on Fridays for those who wish to have them.

Fees are at a flat rate for this programme, which is billed every 4 weeks in advance. We do tend to stay open throughout the half terms, only closing if the school are taking part in a competition at this time. Although any holidays, for example Christmas, that we do close for, you are of course not billed for.

All dates, including fee due dates, are given at the beginning of the year and are included in your welcome pack.

If you think we are the programme you are looking for then please do get in contact today and sign up for your FREE TRIAL WEEK. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.