+ Do parents/guardians watch classes?

We do encourage students to participate in class without their parents/guardians present to promote independent learning. We have a very welcoming team, and current students often ‘buddy. With newcomers to help settle. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year for students to show their progress to parents in the form of performances/open classes etc.

+ What should my child wear to class?

We do have a set uniform for our classes, but you are of course not expected to have this right away, until your child is settled and you are ready to purchase uniform students should wear comfortable active wear in which they can move freely. For example; leggings/jogging bottoms, t shirt, or even a leotard if you already have one. Classes can be performed bare foot until the correct shoes are purchased.

+ How do I know which level program to put my child into?

Simply contact us, letting us know your child’s dance experience and we can help guide you into the correct level. New students can then come trial the class for a week and if we feel they need to move to another level we can let you know.


+ Can all students take part in performances?

YES!! All students are included and welcome to take part in our performances if they wish, the only exception being if they particular performance is run by an outside company which has an age restriction. Equally we offer all students the opportunity to take part in competitions, and make sure they are entered into the most appropriate ones for their age and ability.

+ Do your students take dance exams?

We do have ISTD trained teachers, but exams are not our main focus here. We personally believe in a more industry influenced training program for our students and find the work within the exam boards do not fit this. That being said, should a student desire to take dance exams, this can be arranged and we are happy to discuss this further with anyone interested.

+ Does my child have to take part in all classes for their level?

This varies for levels, for those in the development team each class is optional, you could take just one class, or up to six. For those in levels 1-3 teams, then all classes should be taken. Lots of research and careful planning has gone into each level, and for maximum potential, especially for those wishing to continue performing arts into higher education, then an all round dance/drama/singing education would be preferred and would make a student more desirable for prospective college. We do however keep our acro class as optional.

Should you need to drop a day/class this can be discussed.

+ Do you have weekend classes?

we do not hold classes on a Saturday or Sunday, this is for a number of reasons. Firstly we like to encourage our students to have ‘free time’ away from training, socialise with friends and family and take part in other activities. We also take part in various competitions throughout the year, and these are usually held over the weekends, some of our students also take part in associate programmes, for example RBS program, and again this is held over the weekend.

+ Do you offer private lessons?

We do indeed. Usually held Friday evenings for any students that want them, these are usually used to learn solo choreography and perfect any skills that may need more attention.


or have more questions?